If you’re on this page you have made your first step into Tarmac Racing on Short Circuits.

Perhaps you’ve been used to commuting by motorcycle and are looking a safe environment to open the gas up !

Had some experience of trackdays and are looking for a new exciting challenge.

Maybe you’ve raced in the past or raced motocross and fancy trying track racing.

You could be a young Girl or Boy wanting to try out what you have seen your hero’s do on TV, or moving up from minibike or pitbike racing.

If you between 12 & 15yrs check out our Team Wood Motorcycle Youth Academy page !

Whatever your reason, MCRRCI is here to help.

Everyone who’s new to racing must take the complusory online MCUI (UC) seminars (competency test to complete) You will need your club membership number to sign in.

This is for you to show us that you understands the safety rules and regulations for motorcycle racing. Gives you knowledge of Flag signals used to relay messages while your on track. Also to make you aware of Banned substances in Sport World Wide.

Than all newcomer riders are required to undertake an MCUI (UC) on-track assessment.

MCUI (UC) are the Governing Body for motorcycle tarmac racing in the jurisdiction of Northern Ireland and are part of the MCUI – Motor Cycle Union of Ireland.


Join an affiliated Club to the MCUI (UC).

MCRRCI is affiliated and can help you through the process of obtaining Competition Licence forms etc. Contact our Secretary Deborah Irwin by email;

or Race Secretary Ivan Davidson email;

Our membership can be paid via paypal on our website homepage.


Arrange with your Doctor for an Medical and eye tests. Use the form below for your Doctor to complete and guidance pages.


Post your completed licence application form, Medical form and online seminar cerficate of pass to the MCUI (UC) Licence Registrar

Mr Derek McWhirter – 07812204382 or email –

Postal Address; 12 Portmore Square, Portrush, BT56 8QS

Pay the appropriate licence fee via paypal or bank transfer details on forms.


Contact Mervyn Ferris for a race number for whichever class you will competing in.

Race Number Registrar; Mervyn Ferris on 07801667128


Pick which event which will be your first competition, contact the Race Secretary from the club promoting the event, submit entry form and fees.

Arrive early on day of event for scrutineering 7am and sign on in club office, any club official will help you if you make yourself known.

Best Wishes as you start Racing. MCRRCI